Microsoft Won’t Offer Any Xbox One X Bundles This Holiday Season

While Microsoft has an overabundance of Xbox One S bundle deals and game markdowns this holiday [...]


While Microsoft has an overabundance of Xbox One S bundle deals and game markdowns this holiday season, one thing you won't be seeing on sale is the company's latest hardware, the Xbox One X.

The system, which launched back on November 7th and has sold reasonably well with thousands of units out the door, is bound to be a must-have gift for those looking to see their games in stunning 4K. But if you're hoping for a superstar bundle with the system and a few titles, we've got some bad news.

While speaking with a fan on Twitter, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg confirmed that the company isn't planning any special Xbox One X bundles this holiday season. The fan asked, "Are there going to be Xbox One X bundle with already released games like Dishonored 2, Rime or new games like Destiny 2 or L.A. Noir (sp) this black Friday?" To which Greenberg responded, "We are not planning any bundles with the X this holiday." You can see the tweet below.

While this may likely be disappointing to some, it makes sense from Microsoft's point of view, as it wants to push out its new hardware and prompt fans to pick up games alongside it. A bundle would be ideal, but it's looking to make a profit off of hardware and software sales alike, and it's already got a number of bundles for the Xbox One S for that.

That said, keep an eye out for some retailers. We have seen a few that have offered package deals on the Xbox One X, including a game for around $529 or so. These opportunities are likely to be more frequent as the Black Friday deal goes on, with sites like Newegg and eBay ready to offer. We'll keep you informed of any deals that we spot, in case you're looking for a "not-miss" bargain, so be sure to check back.

In the meantime, if you want to get your hands on an Xbox One X, you can get one now at most retailers. It's a bit on the expensive side, but you won't find a more powerful console out there.