Microsoft Showcases xCloud Web Browser Streaming

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers could soon have the option of streaming xCloud enabled games [...]

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers could soon have the option of streaming xCloud enabled games through their PC and Apple devices on a web browser. According to The Verge, sources say that Microsoft has started testing the service prior to a full preview event. The launcher features options such as recently added titles, games that are leaving soon, and all games currently available. Users will then be able to play them using an Xbox controller. At this time, it seems xCloud will be limited to browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It's unclear what resolution players will be able to expect from the games, though 4K support is not currently available on xCloud, and isn't expected until later this year.

An image of the launcher running on a browser can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Microsoft has been looking for ways to expand the appeal of Xbox Game Pass, and making the service available on more platforms could certainly help. The company sees Game Pass as the future, and the more platforms that support the service, the greater the pool of potential subscribers. xCloud currently works on Android devices, but expanding that to Apple could be a major benefit to the company.

Apple has provided some hurdles, however, and xCloud on browser could potentially help Microsoft circumvent that. As The Verge notes, Apple had previously stated that Microsoft would be forced to submit each title on Xbox Game Pass to the company for review, in order to get the service on its devices. That would take a lot of time, and could make the Apple version of Game Pass less compelling, as users would have to wait longer for some titles to be made available.

An official reveal for the web version of xCloud has not yet been made, but it seems that more will be revealed in the near future. For Xbox Game Pass subscribers, this certainly seems like the kind of thing that could make the service an even bigger draw.

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