Microsoft's Activision Acquisition Passes Significant Milestone

Microsoft's Activision acquisition has passed a major milestone, but is also looking ahead at some other possible hurdles and issues. The Microsoft and Activision deal is one of the biggest deals in the history of gaming, meaning it is facing heavy scrutiny from a number of angles. The nearly $70 billion dollar deal will give Microsoft access to developers like Infinity Ward and Blizzard Entertainment and franchises like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. All of these will make incredible additions to Xbox's arsenal as Sony continues to crank out world-class titles like The Last of Us and God of War. However, many don't think such a deal should go through. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has expressed concerns over the deal and spoken with regulators about the matter, but it hasn't stopped anything just yet.

Today, Brazil's competition regulation, CADE, approved Microsoft's acquisition of Activision with no restrictions. Given various regulators have to sign off on the deal, this is a big deal and could bode well for other regulators. However, as reported by Dealreporter (via Seeking Alpha) the FTC in the United States reportedly has "significant concerns" regarding the acquisition and has spoken with Sony and Google about the deal. As of right now, it remains to be seen what will happen, but November will be a big month for the deal. EU regulators will have a decision by early November and the FTC will provide an update on its verdict by the end of next month.

Given the mere size of this acquisition and the possibly ramifications it could have on the industry, it's understandable why there may be some concern. It's important for regulators to examine everything with a fine tooth comb and truly understand what the implications of a deal like this are. Microsoft has already gone to great lengths to argue its side of the deal by launching a website that clearly lays out the benefits to players, developers, and the industry and what some of its plans are long-term.


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