Minecraft Celebrates Anniversary With 15-Day Event

Minecraft is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a party of "discounts, surprises, and celebrations."

While Minecraft didn't hit its 1.0 release until 2011, the Classic version of the survival game launched in 2009. That means Minecraft is turning 15 this year, and developer Mojang is celebrating with a massive, 15-day party. The celebration has kicked off today, which means players can currently pick up new cosmetics and buy Minecraft-related games for 50% off. Much like an Advent Calendar, you'll want to log in every day during the celebration because Mojang is giving away new cosmetics each day, starting with an in-game hoodie that will hit the nostalgia center of anyone who has been playing Minecraft since the Classic days.

Minecraft 15th Birthday Party Celebration


As mentioned, Minecraft players can log into the Bedrock Edition of the game all 15 days of the celebration (May 15 to 30) and open the Dressing Room to find new cosmetics. The gift changes at 10am PT every day, so you'll need to log in and grab it or you'll miss out. Today's gift is the Cave Game Hoodie, which harkens back to the very early days of Minecraft when there wasn't any crafting. 

That's not the only new cosmetic you can pick up today. If you tune into any of the daily Minecraft streams on Twitch and watch for at least 10 minutes, you'll earn the Purple Heart cap. You can also donate a sub to a streamer during the event and get the Glitch Mask. Starting on May 18th, Mojang is bringing the celebration to TikTok and you'll be able to earn a TikTok-themed cape in Bedrock and a custom profile frame for your profile photo on TikTok. The team also has plans for other social media sites but hasn't shared the specific details yet. 

Finally, if you don't already own Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, or Minecraft Legends, the games are currently on sale for 50% to celebrate the anniversary. On top of that, if you want to dive into Minecraft on Android or iOS, you'll get 70% off during the event. Of course, there will also likely be a few surprises as the event progresses, so make sure to keep an eye out on Minecraft's social media channels so you don't miss anything.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation, Switch, mobile, Xbox, and PC platforms. Remember, the Tricky Trials Update is coming out later this year. Usually, major updates come to Minecraft in June, so don't be surprised if the team ends this celebration with the official launch of Tricky Trials.