Kung Fu Panda Is Now in Minecraft

Minecraft's latest crossover brings Kung Fu Panda DLC to the hit survival game.

Recently, Minecraft has been adding more and more crossover content to the massively popular sandbox game. Part of that is due to developer Mojang working with studios under the Legendary Pictures production company. Remember, the two companies are working together on the upcoming Minecraft movie, but Mojang has also been open to working with other properties. Today, the team announced its next partnership, and it makes a ton of sense given how many young players Minecraft has. Kung Fu Panda DLC is officially in Minecraft, helping to celebrate the success of the fourth movie in the animated series.

Kung Fu Panda Gets Minecraft DLC

(Photo: DreamWorks)

The Kung Fu Panda DLC is available now in the Minecraft Marketplace. The package will cost players 1,510 Minecoins, which works out to just under $10. Once you buy the DLC, you'll get access to a brand-new adventure map that Mojang says "is filled with action-packed battles, epic showdowns from the movies, and pand-tastic co-op action." 

The team isn't giving away many details about what to expect (though you will have access to a double jump), but it will include exclusive skins from most of your favorite characters from the Kung Fu Panda cinematic universe. You'll also be sent to fight several enemies from Po's past, including Tai Lung and General Kai. Unlike previous packs that included several adventure maps, it sounds like the Kung Fu Panda map is one giant landmass that players can explore. Plus, once you buy the pack, you'll get access to the Dragon Warrior's Hat Character Creator item.

What's Next for Minecraft?

While there's likely more crossover content on the way, most fans are patiently waiting for Update 1.21. The update doesn't have a firm release date, but we know that Mojang is targeting the middle of 2024. The last two updates both hit in June, so most players are working under the assumption that 1.21 will launch around that same time frame, though the Minecraft developers may have to move things around depending on how development goes.

Past that, many fans are biding the time until the Minecraft movie starring Jack Black and Jason Momoa comes out. Filming just wrapped earlier this month, but it's going to be a long wait until it's ready for theaters. Currently, the movie is scheduled for April 4, 2025, nearly a year away. Again, that date could move around, but it's probably not coming any sooner than that.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation, Switch, mobile, Xbox, and PC platforms.