Minecraft Is Getting a Board Game

The popular video game Minecraft is getting a tabletop adaptation. Earlier today, Ravensburger announced Minecraft: Builders & Biomes, a new tabletop game that uses elements from the popular video game. In Minecraft: Builders & Biomes, players explore the Overworld, build structures and mine resources in a quest to score the most points. Points are earned for building structures and creating the largest connected biomes of forest, desert, mountain or snowy tundra spaces on their respective player boards. Minecraft foes like Endermen and Creepers will appear throughout the game and need to be defeated by using weapons that are collected from the board. Game scoring occurs as the resource cube’s layers are depleted and once the final layer of the cube runs out, the adventure comes to an end and the builder with the most points wins.

Ravensburger has recently released a series of popular hit board games based on different movie and pop culture franchises. In addition to the smash hit Villainous, which uses Disney villains, Ravenburger has also released games based on Jaws and the Universal Monsters movie series that have earned acclaim by fans of those series and general board game fans.

Minecraft remains one of the biggest video game franchises in the world, even eight years after its release. Not only does the game have over 112 million monthly players, Microsoft is also developing several spinoff games, including the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons game. Plus, Minecraft is still a massive brand that most kids and teenagers will recognize instantly.

ravensburger minecraft
(Photo: Ravensburger)

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes will be available to purchase from Amazon starting in November. You can pre-order the game here.

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