Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cabinet Revealed

Mojang Studios and Microsoft have revealed a brand-new way to play Minecraft Dungeons: on an arcade cabinet! Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is an all-new experience that allows players to engage in four-player co-op. The cabinets are currently being distributed for testing to select arcades throughout North America. The number of cabinets is said to be limited at this time, but more will be rolled out throughout the year. In an announcement post, Minecraft.net claims that the cabinets will be tested in arcades that are following local health guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. At this time, there has been no further information revealed about where fans can expect to find the cabinets.

An image of the arcade cabinet can be found below.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade
(Photo: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade will apparently offer gameplay similar to the console and PC version, but players should expect a true arcade experience. The cabinet is being created by Play Mechanix, best known for its work on the Big Buck Hunter franchise. In the Minecraft.net post, Play Mechanix creative director Will Carlin discussed the collaboration, and its approach to the world of Minecraft Dungeons.

“If you take a step back, you can see the similarities between the two, but when you take a step into [a consumer] game, it’s like a waltz,” said Carlin. “An arcade game on the other hand is some kind of super break-dancing speed experience – it’s about intensity of the moment, and surviving as long as possible – an intense burst of fun!”

For fans of Minecraft Dungeons, it seems that the arcade version of the game just might be worth seeking out! Unfortunately, it's difficult to tell how common Minecraft Dungeons cabinets will be, as of this writing. The Minecraft.net post makes it clear that this is a testing phase, so it could be a while before the cabinets become a truly common sight. Still, for fans of the current version of the game, Minecraft Dungeons Arcade seems like a very exciting new addition for the series!


Minecraft Dungeons is set currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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