Minecraft Earth Begins Its Early Access Release

Minecraft players who want to build their blocky constructions in real life will soon be able to now that the early access release of Minecraft Earth has begun. The augmented reality mobile game isn’t playable for everyone right away though with the game rolling out for select countries at a time, the first two of those being New Zealand and Iceland with more countries to follow soon. Features included in this early access release include building structures using buildplates and finding “tappables” spread out throughout the world during your daily routine.

Mojang said back in September that Minecraft Earth would begin its release in October with that early access rollout now underway as of Thursday. Though only those two countries have the game right now, the Minecraft Earth site will be updated as it becomes available in more countries. People will occasionally tweak their regional settings to play games like this early, though the game doesn’t sounds like it’ll take too long to release elsewhere.

The latest announcement from Mojang about the initial release of the mobile game previewed the AR features that’ll be found in Minecraft Earth along with some more traditional Minecraft mechanics.

“You’ll be able to throw down a buildplate and create an interactive Minecraft diorama for all to enjoy,” the early access release post said about Minecraft Earth. “Stumble across tappables on your walk home, and get tapping to unlock resources and unique mobs. Craft and smelt your resources and collaborate with other builders to make masterpieces together. Put your survival skills to the test as you battle hostile mobs in adventures.”


Mojang has been hinting at some parts of the game through the official Minecraft Earth Twitter account as it previewed mobs players will find and builds they’ll create. Through the lens of your mobile device’s camera, you’ll be able to see your creations come together in real life as you construct different options using the typical array of Minecraft materials.

Minecraft Earth’s early access rollout is now underway, so look for the game to be released in more countries soon.