Minecraft Player Creates Incredible Nether Portal Worth Copying

Seeing what Minecraft players can create in the building game is sometimes more entertaining than trying to construct something yourself, but the best way to combine the two sources of entertainment is when someone creates something and then offers a tutorial on how to replicate the feat. One Minecraft player did just that this past week by creating one of the most impressive Nether Portals you’ll see in a while along with a walkthrough to guide players through the process.

Minecraft player and YouTuber Goldrobin created the “Nether Sword Portal” you see below in the images that show two different perspectives on the creation. The first is what the Nether Portal will look like in the Overworld while the second is the accompanying portal players construct in the Nether to complete the look. The sword below is Goldrobin’s creation, but the YouTuber also credited fellow content creator Spitez with the inspiration for the idea.

It’s a massive step up from the typical blocky portal that players create to get to and from the Nether, and it’s even better when you see how everything fits together on both sides of the portal. Over in the Nether, instead of constructing a smaller portal, Goldrobin built a smaller portal from the roof of the Nether to the tip of the blade.

For players who feel inspired to create their own Nether Sword Portal after seeing this, Goldrobin shared the tutorial below to outline the process. It covers the materials needed as well as the actual building of the Nether Sword Portal in the Overworld and in the Nether with a cinematic intro and outro showing what it looks like in both worlds.


As the creator pointed out, flashy portals like this one are perfect for Minecraft now considering how the game recently got its Nether Update to add more to the fiery domain. It’s got new materials and resources for players to gather and mobs to fight to spice up the Nether more than players are used to, so even if you’ve explored it before, there’s reason now to go back with a fancy new portal like the one Goldrobin created.