Minecraft Responds to Backlash Over New Reporting System

Minecraft came under fire recently by players who were none too happy about a new reporting system being implemented that would allow for cross-server bans – including private servers – to be levied against players found violating Minecraft's guidelines. These complaints have even culminated in a "Save Minecraft" campaign where players asked Mojang and Microsoft to reverse course on this new system after players cited their various grievances with the idea. Mojang has since responded, however, to say that it's not backing down on this addition and will be following through with the new reporting system.

The comment in question which served as the response to the backlash came from community manager Mojang Meesh who commented in a Reddit thread about the topic. Mojang Meesh acknowledged the pushback and said the feedback from players was valued and appreciated, but that doesn't mean Mojang and Microsoft have plans to abandon the new player reporting system.

"First, we know that there has been pushback to the player reporting system that is being introduced in this next update," Mojang Meesh said. "We appreciate and value your feedback, but it does not mean that feedback will always change the design principles Mojang Studios adheres to -- this includes the upcoming reporting system.

"Second, while we understand this may not be the answer some of you were hoping for, we are not planning on changing it."

That comment has nearly 2,000 downvotes on it at the time of publishing which shows how it was received by Minecraft players within the subreddit. The community manager also asked people not to follow Mojang employees around within the subreddit with comments about the reporting system while adding "harassment does not help anyone." Some Minecraft players have naturally ignored that request entirely and continue to follow Mojang employees around as evidenced by an unrelated comment from the community manager in a different thread sitting at a score of negative 60.

An FAQ on the Minecraft site addresses some of the top questions about this new reporting system for those who might be looking for more info.