Minecraft Update Adds More Caves & Cliffs Content

Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs expansion. The update added a couple of new features including some [...]

Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs expansion. The update added a couple of new features including some colorful flora that'll spawn inside of caves and some unique blocks for players who want to decorate those earthen dwellings once the big update is out. This latest Snapshot is now out for any who have the Java version of the game if they want to preview what's to come.

We've seen Snapshots like this latest one – the 21W05B Snapshot – add Caves & Cliffs content in the past. Some of the updates make smaller changes while others add entirely new mobs to the game. This one is between those sorts of updates with a couple of different types of vegetation for players to interact with.

Below are all the relevant parts of the patch notes listed under the update's "New Features" section to show off the major changes of the Snapshot. For the full notes including some additional changes and bugfixes, you can check out the post on the Minecraft site detailing the Snapshot's contents.

Minecraft Snapshot 21W05B – New Features in 21W05A

  • Azalea bushes as well as flowering azaela bushes!
  • Added cave vines and glow berries!
  • Added drip leaves!
  • Added decorative blocks for the upcoming lush caves: hanging roots and rooted dirt!
  • Added moss!
  • Added spore blossom!

Cave Vines and Glow Berries

  • Cave vines grow down from the ceiling, like weeping vines
  • When they grow they have a chance of producing glow berries
  • Glow berries are a natural light source as well as a food source
  • Foxes eat glow berries
  • Use glow berries to plant new cave vines
  • Bonemealing a cave vine will create glow berries


  • Small dripleaf needs moisture, so it grows on clay or underwater
  • Small dripleaf grow into big dripleaf when bonemealed
  • Big dripleaf grows taller when bonemealed
  • If you stand on a big dripleaf, it will tilt after a while and you will fall off
  • You can crouch or jump to prevent a big dripleaf from tilting
  • A tilted big drip leaf will tilt up again after a while
  • The big dripleaf will break when hit by a projectile
  • The wandering trader will sometimes sell small dripleaf plants


  • Two new decorative blocks: moss block and moss carpet
  • Moss carpet can be crafted from moss blocks

Spore Blossom

  • A beautiful large flower placed on ceilings
  • Particles drip from it