Minecraft Update Adds Another New Cliffs & Caves Creature

Minecraft developer Mojang released a new Snapshot this week to preview what’s to come whenever the bigger Caves & Cliffs update is fully released. This week’s update that’s now available for those on the Java platform added a new creature known as the “Glow Squid” as well as another new feature called “Glow Lichen” to the game. Java players can check out the two new features now while those who aren’t able to see them in action yet were held over with some information about them shared in the patch notes for the Snapshot.

The two glowing additions to Minecraft are the main attractions of the latest Snapshot with everything else just changing things that were already available or fixing bugs that players had called out from previous updates. We’ve seen updates like these periodically add more and more Cliffs & Caves content as players get to see more of the larger expansion that was announced during the last major Minecraft event.

Players should be able to find the Glow Lichen in Minecraft without issue after downloading the Snapshot, but the Glow Squids won’t spawn naturally. Instead, you’ll find eggs for the Glow Squids in your inventories that’ll allow you to populate your worlds with the new creature.

Details on the two new Minecraft features can be found below courtesy of the patch notes for the Snapshot.

Glow Lichen

  • A dim light source that generates in caves.
  • Use shears to pick it up.
  • Use bonemeal to spread it along block surfaces.

Glow Squid

  • Glow Squids are well-lit and can be seen from even far distances!
  • When killed, glow squids drop glow ink sacs.
  • Glow ink sacs can be used on signs to make the text super visible, even at night! Works with colors!
  • Craft a glow item frame by combining a glow ink sac with an item frame in a crafting table. Any item in a glow item frame is perfectly illuminated, even at night!
  • Use an Ink Sac on a sign to remove the glow effect.
  • Axolotls will attack any glow squids they see, so…be careful.

The Axolotls mentioned in the Glow Squid details were similarly added in a past update. Seeing how they don’t get along with the Glow Squids, it’s probably best to keep them separated unless you just want to see what happens when they’re near each other.

The latest Minecraft Snapshot with the features described above is now available to download.