MLB The Show 21 Gives Major Free Reward to All Players

It's no secret that MLB The Show 21 has been having some consistent issues with its servers since [...]

It's no secret that MLB The Show 21 has been having some consistent issues with its servers since the game launched a few weeks back. While many fans have been outspoken about their annoyance with the frequent outages, developer Sony San Diego has today shown that it heard those complaints loud and clear and has now given players a slew of free rewards to help make up for it.

In a post over on the official MLB The Show 21 website, Sony San Diego thanked fans for their patience over the past few weeks since release. The company said that the servers have been especially troublesome this year, but a patch that was released earlier this week seems to have finally stabilized them a bit. "As a small gesture of appreciation to the community, we've put together a 'Thank You' bundle that any player can redeem for free on The Show Shop in-game from now until May 17," the post on the site read.

As for what is included in this package, it contains a substantial amount. The most notable item is likely that of the 42 Series Legend Choice Pack, which allows players to unlock one of the signature 42 Series cards that feature a number of MLB legends. A Diamon Ballplayer pack, 10 Affinity vouchers, 5 basic card packs, and then 10,000 stubs round out the number of goodies that Sony San Diego has given players.

When it comes to you you can acquire all of this for yourself, the process is rather simple. All you need to do is visit the in-game store for MLB The Show 21 and you should find this bundle available for purchase. While you won't actually be spending any money on it, you'll immediately get all of the aforementioned items added to your inventory where you can then proceed to begin opening them all up.

If you're not already playing MLB The Show 21 for yourself, you can currently snag the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S.