MLB The Show 22 Is Adding One of Baseball's Most Bizarre Players Ever

MLB The Show 22 is about to add one of the most bizarre players in the history of the sport to this year's edition of the game. With each new MLB The Show installment, developer Sony San Diego opts to add a number of players from the past as new "Legends." And while the latest Legend player that has been announced for MLB The Show 22 might not end up making it to the Hall of Fame, he's still one of the most beloved pitchers of the past decade for a multitude of other reasons. 

San Diego Studio revealed today on social media that Brian Wilson, who was the longtime closer for the San Francisco Giants, will be joining MLB The Show 22 this year. Wilson began his career with the Giants in 2006 and stayed on the team through 2012. When the team won the World Series in 2010, Wilson was the best closer in the league that season and led all of MLB with 48 saves. He was also on the 2012 Giants championship team as well, although he sat on the sidelines for the entirety of the year due to injury. 

While Wilson was definitely a superstar at one point in Major League Baseball, he grew to be more popular with fans due to many of his off-the-field antics. Not only was Wilson always someone who gave some truly bewildering interviews when speaking with members of the media, but he also became known for his wild beard that he refused to ever shave. For a period of multiple seasons in a row, Wilson grew out his facial hair to the point that it became a sort of mascot for the Giants. Fans even began using the "Fear the Beard" moniker when Wilson would enter games. 

So yeah, Wilson is one of the more off-the-wall players that has come through pro baseball in the past 15 years, and now he'll be showing up in MLB The Show 22 for the first time since his career ended. As for the game itself, it's set to launch in just a few short weeks on April 5th and will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.