Mobile PUBG Game Releases New Trailer Showing Off Ship Combat And Epic Air Battles


There's an upcoming mobile game adapting the popular battle royale title, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), that's making its way to China soon. Though the game is decidedly similiar to its PC counterpart, it's not hard to miss that there are some notable differences between the two games beyond its mobile platform. Um, helicopter fights?!

PUBG Corp and Tencent just released a brand new cinematic trailer to show off the upcoming mobile game and some of the aspects shown in-game have us scratching our heads a bit. It might be wise to take the cinematic video for what it is: entertainment. If it does turn out to be true that humongous battleships and deadly helos are coming to the battle game, then ... well, bonus.

Though the game is for China ... it kind of makes PUBG fans wonder if any of this will later translate onto the PC platforms. It would be amazing to see high quality vehicular combat and aerial techniques in the popular game, especially now that its is making its way to the Xbox One. For now, we at least have jetskis and a new desert map on the way, that's something.

You can read more about the mobile game here, but the team promises that the title is coming along nicely, " is going smoothly and more details on the mobile PUBG edition will be coming soon. It's worth noting that both the PC and mobile versions will have to be tweaked to fit with China's culture and socialist values. It's not clear, however, if Tencent will look to bring the mobile game to the West as well."


For now, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, PUBG, is available now for PC and is coming to the Xbox One platform on December 12th.