This Modder Is Creating Beautiful Game Boy Advance Systems From Broken Nintendo DS Ones

We’ve all had our fair share of broken game systems, but there’s probably nothing more [...]

Neon Advance 3
(Photo: Joe Bleeps Twitter)

We've all had our fair share of broken game systems, but there's probably nothing more frustrating than a Nintendo DS that bites the dust after one of the screens break. But what if we could give these systems a second life?

That's exactly what Joe Bleeps is doing. Based on this article published at Forbes, this hardware modder and chiptune musician is doing something remarkable with broken Nintendo DS Lite systems. He's giving them a second chance at life.

Granted, he's not fixing them so they're back exactly the way they were. But he's reconfiguring them with a neat new design and a new lease on life as Game Boy Advance machines.

He shared some of his designs in this tweet including the cute Kirby colored system above with some blue lighting along with a cool Donkey Kong model with a glowing red bar.

The Advance cartridges work in the same port as the DS games and Bleeps reconditions the systems so that they run efficiently. This includes setting up a resistor to the original motherboard so the system can operate with a single screen. There's also a rear speaker manually installed and the initial stylus housing is taken out of the picture so there's more room for cables. It's elaborate, but as you can see the end result is amazing.

Neon Advance 2
(Photo: Joe Bleeps Twitter)

Bleeps is setting up each system with laser engraving along with a special stand, a velvet carrying pouch, a USB charger and a signed and numbered box. So that way, consumers actually feel like they own something limited, even if it initially started used and broken.

Now here's the thing -- you can actually purchase one of these. Bleeps treats the Neon Advance like a hobby but he offers them up for around 70 British pounds (or $94, plus shipping). But you'll need to wait a while as the process can take about four hours to complete and you likely won't be the only person going after one.

Neon Advance
(Photo: Joe Bleeps Twitter)

If you are interested, you can reach out to Joe on Twitter as well as Instagram where you can see even more of his creations. He's doing very cool stuff so we'll definitely be keeping a close eye on this. We actually wouldn't mind one of these little systems.

(Hat tip to Jason Evangelho at Forbes for the details!)