Monster Hunter World's Second Horizon Zero Dawn Quest Begins Soon, New Details Revealed

Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn
(Photo: Capcom)

Part two of Monster Hunter World’s PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn quest begins soon, an event that’ll net players some unique gear if they can manage to take down a fearsome Anjanath.

The second part of the tie-in quest for the acclaimed PS4 RPG will have a few simple requirements that players will have to satisfy before attempting to take on the huge monster though. In a tweet from the Monster Hunter Twitter account, Capcom shared more details on the quest and said that players would have to hold a Hunter Rank of at least 11 before attempting to hunt down the monster. If successful, players will be awarded with some hunter gear that’s straight from Horizon Zero Dawn.

With the new quest that’s aptly called “The Proving” not beginning until Feb. 28, players who aren’t yet at the required rank still have some time to work their way up to that goal in order to partake in the event. The gear that players earn will let them look just like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, as shown in the tweet above, complete with a set of armor and a bow inspired by the game. The Palico armor that’s shown alongside Aloy was awarded during the first part of the quest, a set of Watcher armor that made players’ Palicos look like the sentry-like machines from Horizon Zero Dawn.

In a follow-up tweet to the one containing the rank requirements and the images, Capcom confirmed that the armor set will be available for both female and male characters and would alter anyone’s appearance.

Stats on the gear weren’t provided, so whether it’ll be comparable with current options remains to be seen until players start completing the quest that begins in a few weeks. It’s also unknown how the Anjanath will be different from a normal version of the monster, if it will be different at all.

The second half of the Horizon Zero Dawn quest begins on Feb. 28 and will end on March 5.