Monster Hunter World Suggests Matchmaking Workaround for Xbox One

Problems with Monster Hunter World’s online features have been preventing Xbox One players from [...]

Monster Hunter World

Problems with Monster Hunter World's online features have been preventing Xbox One players from taking part in hunts with others with matchmaking and other services going down.

Throughout the past few days that were full of issues on the Xbox One, the Monster Hunter Twitter account tweeted on Sunday with more information about the problems affecting the Xbox One and advised players on various workaround methods to allow them to still play online with others while the issues are investigated.

Amid the frustration of Xbox One players, those unable to participate in the game's matchmaking features were quick to point to one fact as a potential influencer on the issues: The lack of an Xbox One beta. Problems affecting the game's online components haven't been exclusive to the Xbox One though with those on the PlayStation 4 experiencing their own issues, but the previous betas being exclusive to the PS4 left Xbox One players wondering if at least some of this could've been avoided.

But even with these issues still existing on various platforms, Capcom has apparently already had huge success with Monster Hunter World. The company announced today that 5 million units of Monster Hunter World had already been shipped, and while that doesn't meant that that's how many were sold, it does make this the most-shipped Monster Hunter game within the first few days of releasing throughout the series.

Promotions are also going on both in and outside of the game to give players more content and hunts to look forward to. Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter V are being added to the game by way of wearable armors and a huge prize of over $70K is being offered to any real-world monster hunters out there who can prove that a monster exists.