Monster Hunter World Drops Stunning New PS4 Gameplay Footage

Monster Hunter World is almost here, and we've had some pretty amazing looks into the upcoming [...]

Monster Hunter World is almost here, and we've had some pretty amazing looks into the upcoming title so far. Today, Capcom has revealed even more of what we have to look forward to as the PlayStation 4 final beta prepares to launch.

The gameplay footage, seen in the video at the top, shows off some Coral Highlands gameplay to give a closer look at some of the more vibrant areas of the upcoming title. Even more monsters are revealed as we see the player go head to head with some of the inhabiting creatures. You can even see the adorable Palico in action too as the player's trusty companion.

Another interesting insight the latest trailer offers is a personal look at this area's ecosytem and how it differs from the majority of other locations in-game. Seeing the natural interaction, both hostile and not, is an interesting dynamic that adds a layer of immersion for a more realistic effect. Well, as realistic as fighting off giant monsters can be.

If you like what you see but you've missed out on the previous beta action so far, there's good news for PlayStation 4 players. The open beta kicks of on January 18th, and you'll even get a chance to take out an Elder Dragon that was just recently unveiled!

In addition to the upcoming beta and the new gameplay demo above, Capcom also assures fans that post-launch updates remain a priority:

There are plans for post-launch support of Monster Hunter: World with regular content updates, as well as major title updates for free. The first major title update will be coming in Spring 2018 which includes the addition of the fan-favorite monster Deviljho. Players will be able to put their hunting skills to the test against this brute. The Deviljho must feed constantly and will devour anything in its way, even feeding on the largest of monsters with its massive jowls. This wild beast really is one for only the bravest of hunters to take on!

Monster Hunter: World launches worldwide on January 26th for PlayStation and Xbox One, with a PC release slated for the following Fall.