Mortal Kombat 11 Reveals New Joker DLC Trailer

NetherRealm and Warner Bros. revealed a new look at the next Mortal Kombat 11 character on Thursday with a new trailer featuring DC’s Joker. This new trailer showed off the DC character who’s coming to the game early next year and confirmed that he’d be releasing on January 28th as one of the final characters included in the first Kombat Pack. After Joker’s release, players will have Spawn to look forward to, and after that, it’s up to NetherRealm to reveal more DLC characters.

The trailer for Joker can be seen below as the Joker faces off against “Harley Quinn.” It’s not really Harley Quinn though since Cassie Cage got a skin for the character months ago, but it works perfectly in this latest reveal.

We don’t yet know what the Joker’s moves will be like, but NetherRealm previewed the release of the character months ago and gave an idea of what he might be like. It sounds as though he’ll be a much different fighter from what player are used to, though one would expect little else from the Joker.

“DC’s The Joker is one of the greatest Super-Villains of all time and a popular culture icon,” a preview of the character said. “Ruthless, incredibly dangerous and reveling in creating chaos, The Joker brings a deadly and unpredictable combat style to Mortal Kombat 11.”


One of the most interesting parts about the trailer is that the Joker certainly looks different from the way that he looked before. When NetherRealm first revealed the contents of its Kombat Pack, people praised most of the choices, but some were unsure of how the Joker looked. Mortal Kombat 11 players suggested changes for Joker before his release since it was so far away, and without having seen a more in-depth look at the character in a trailer that shows off moves, Fatalities, and more, it definitely looks like the character has been updated.

Mortal Kombat 11’s Joker releases for the game as part of the Kombat Pack on January 28th.