Mortal Kombat 11: Controversial Scorpion Change Divides Fans

Today, NetherRealm Studios dropped a brand-new balance update for Mortal Kombat 11 that virtually tweaked every single character in the fighting game. It's a pretty standard balance update, all of which always come with some level of controversy as some players come out of it losers, and others come out of it winners depending on said character changes. That said, this particularly update has caused a bit more unrest than normal, especially for Scorpion fans, as it came with a pretty large adjustment for the classic and popular character.

More specifically, Scorpion's Hell Port and Air Hell Port have been changed to high attacks, which in turns makes them much easier to avoid and not be burnt by. In other words, the moves aren't as effective. And if you've played Scorpion players -- which there are a lot of -- you'll know they like to use these attacks quite often, and so naturally they aren't very happy with the changes. On the flip side, anyone who isn't a Scorpion main is delighted.

Of course, Scorpion is still one of the top fighters in the current meta alongside Kotal Khan, in my opinion. If anything, I think this patch hit Geras much harder, though he needed a fixin' given that he's been broken since launch. All in all, as a Jade main, I'm quite happy with the patch.

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