Mortal Kombat "Spinoff" Mortal Thumbat Revealed During HBO Max Watch Party

A Mortal Kombat movie "spin-off" has been revealed, dubbed Mortal Thumbat. During the HBO Max Watch Party for the movie -- which, at the moment of writing this is still going -- Ludi Lin, who play Liu Kanvg, revealed the aforementioned and unofficial spin-off, which runs at one minute long and features the thumb war version of the Mortal Kombat Tournament.

As you would expect, Mortal Thumbat does not feature the movie's entire cast, but it does feature the actors and actresses behind several prominent characters, such as Liu Kang, Mileena, Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, and the movie's greatest character, Reiko.

Below, you can check out the entirety of Mortal Thumbat, and figure out who of the cast is the greatest thumb war contestant:

Mortal Thumbat isn't the only behind-the-scenes clip revealed during the watch party. A variety of behind-the-scenes peeks at the movie's creation have already been revealed by participating cast members and the movie's writer, Greg Russo.

Mortal Kombat is available to watch via HBO Max, and depending on where you are in the world, still viewable via theater.


"The new Mortal Kombat reboot movie has been a long time coming, and while some of the stitching from over the years that holds the whole thing together is very much apparent in its construction, it’s still a very bloody and mostly good experience," reads the opening of our review of the movie. "If you go into the movie expecting deadly fights between well-trained fighters, that’s more or less what you get. If you’re looking for anything significantly deeper than that, perhaps look elsewhere."

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