Moss: Book 2 Gets a Release Date

Moss: Book II now has a release date, and for those who've been waiting to return to the storybook setting to guide Quill through another adventure, you won't have to wait long. Moss and Moss: Book II developer Polyarc announced this week that the new game will be out on March 31st which puts the release date just two weeks away as of today. Some new gameplay was released alongside this announcement, too, in order to show off some of the new features and experiences players will take part in within Moss: Book II.

That gameplay can be seen below courtesy of the PlayStation Underground channel with commentary from Josh Stiksma, the principal engineer and design director on Moss: Book II, providing context for some of what we're seeing. Quill's able to progress through the puzzle-like landscapes through guidance from the player who serves as the Reader just as she did in Moss, but players have some new tricks this time to help her along her journeys. One of these showcased in the video involves manipulating vines to create bridges for Quill to traverse. Quill's learned some new tricks, too, such as climbing over obstacles and wielding weighty weapons such as a hammer to squish some of the new enemies added in this game..

"As the Reader, you have a real physical presence in the world, and in addition to guiding Quill, you're also able to reach in and interact with the environment—something you can expect to do in all new ways in Book II," Stiksma said. "With your new nature attunement abilities, you can now grow vine bridges and paint vines on the walls to help Quill access places she otherwise wouldn't have been able to go. This will be important as you travel through the game."

These changes combined with some of the new features advertised previously show that a lot has been added in Moss: Book II. The developers said previously that they recognized how players might want to return to other previously explored areas to further check things out with Quill and said that they've taken measures in the sequel to allow for that possibility.

Moss: Book II releases on March 31st for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for use with PlayStation VR.