MultiVersus Delays Black Adam

MultiVersus creators Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games teased recently that Black Adam would be arriving this week, but it appears that's no longer the case. An update on the status of Black Adam confirmed this week that the character has been delayed and that players will have to "stay tuned" for his eventual release, but just like the last tease, no exact release date for the DC hero was provided.

The delay was confirmed in a tweet from the MultiVersus account which also included an in-game look at Black Adam. We see what appears to be an emote rather than his moves with the latter naturally much more interesting for MultiVersus players, but it's at least something while we wait for a release date.

In the first teaser that said Black Adam would be out this week, Player First Games also teased the addition of an Arcade Mode which would be released in the same update that included Black Adam. Given that the Arcade Mode wasn't mentioned anywhere in this follow-up tweet, it's unclear right now if that mode is still on schedule for this week or if it, too, has been pushed back.

This delay will naturally be a letdown for MultiVersus players who were eagerly awaiting the release of Black Adam, but it's not something that's new for the game either. Last month, the release of Gizmo was pushed back, too, though that fighter has been in the game for a while by now. Prior to that, the MultiVersus team had to push back the release of Morty from Rick and Morty as well as the release of the entire first season of the game.

Once a release date for Black Adam is finalized, players should expect additional teasers to be shared leading up to that date to hint at things like the character's unique abilities and his playstyle. No further update was given on the status of Black Adam, but it's likely that we'll get one next week if not sooner.