Multiversus Fighting Game From Warner Bros. Is Reportedly Not Being Made by NetherRealm

Within the past day, a strange new rumor emerged suggesting that NetherRealm Studios, which is the developer behind the Mortal Kombat and Injustice series, was working on a new platform fighting game in the same style as Super Smash Bros. The game itself was said to be titled Multiversus and would feature characters from the entirety of Warner Bros., including Harry Potter, Scorpion, Batman, Shaggy, Fred Flintstone, and even Johnny Bravo. And while this idea might sound far too outlandish to be true, one notable video game industry insider has stated that the project is very much real, although it's not being worked on at NetherRealm. 

Taking to Twitter this afternoon, Jeff Grubb, who is a reputable reporter of the video game industry, claimed that the Warner Bros. fighting game is definitely happening. Although he didn't provide many details about the project, he simply confirmed that it is very much happening, but NetherRealm Studios isn't the one developing it. "The WB platform fighter is real, but it is not a NetherRealm game," Grubb said. He didn't go on to say which studio could be making the game instead if not NetherRealm.

At this point in time, the probability of Multiversus actually existing is starting to seem quite plausible for a number of reasons. For starters, Grubb claiming that the project is real is a big deal given his previous history when it comes to leaks and rumors associated with the video game industry. To go along with this, the name Multiversus has also already been found to have been registered as a trademark within Warner Bros. And while trademarks on their own aren't always a guarantee that a given product will one day see the light of day, when taking all of this information into account together, it definitely seems like WB Games has something cooking behind the scenes. As such, perhaps we could learn more from the publisher in an official capacity soon enough.

What do you continue to think about this strange new project potentially coming from WB Games? Are you hoping that Multiversus is officially announced by the publisher in the near future? And if so, who are you hoping to see develop it? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.