Munchkin Digital Coming to Steam, Mobile Devices This Fall

Dire Wolf Digital has announced Munchkin Digital, an adaptation of the wacky card game by Steve Jackson Games. Munchkin Digital is set to be released this fall on Steam and mobile devices, with cross-platform play available. The game appears to use John Kovalic's iconic artwork as players attempt to outwit their opponent and collect as much loot as they can. You can check out the trailer to the game below: 

Munchkin is a popular franchise of games in which players take on the role of adventurers exploring a dungeon. Players kick down a door at the start of the level and attempt to deal with whatever lurks behind it. These cards range from useful items to curses that hinder the player to monsters that need to be defeated. When faced with a monster too tough for one player to handle, they can attempt to convince other adventurers to help. Opposing players will often throw curses on a player when they are facing an enemy, attempt to prevent a player from leveling up and winning the game. The first player to reach Level 10 wins, with backstabbing and betrayal a critical part of the game. 

Steve Jackson Games has released numerous spinoffs to Munchkin, with various games satirizing different genres of games, movies, and stories. Several expansions to Munchkin have also been released. One fun part to Munchkin is that the games naturally sync with each other, so players can mix and match Munchkin sets to create wildly different experiences each game. 

Munchkin Digital will be released this fall on Steam and mobile devices. No price has been announced for the game. 

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