My Hero Academia CCG Reveals Two Powerful New Cards (Exclusive)

Jasco Games and Asmodee are delivering what is shaping up to be your next tabletop must-have in their upcoming My Hero Academia CCG, and we've got your exclusive first look at two of the cards in the debut set. The new CCG will feature all of your favorite My Hero characters, and you'll eventually build an all-star team of heroes and villains suited to your playstyle, complete with all the quirks you love. For our new preview, we've got two cards to spotlight, featuring the electric (see what I did there?) Denki and the powerhouse Nomu, and you can check out more details and the cards themselves in the images below.

First let's take a look at the Denki starring Attack card with the title Indiscriminate Shock 1,300,000 Volts. The card comes loaded with Stun 1 and two Enhance abilities. The first gives the attack a +1 damage for each committed rival foundation, while the second one allows you to make your rival commit 1 foundation when you commit 1 foundation.

(Photo: Jasco Games)

This Attack card costs 5 to play and has 2 Defense. It also has a speed of 3 and an attack damage of 5, and you can find the card in the image above.

Next is the Nomu starring Super Regeneration card, which is a Foundation card. The cost is 2 and the Block is 4, and the card's special ability is a response, which lets you gain 3 health after you lose health due to a rival's attack or effect, which is pretty handy. You can check out the full card below.

(Photo: Jasco Games)

For those unfamiliar, the upcoming CCG is based on Jasco's popular UniVersus system, though the cards have received an upgraded and streamlined layout that will make it easier for new players to pick up and play, though longtime players will also enjoy the slick new layout as well.

The updated cards will still be fully compatible with previous UFS and UVS releases, so longtime players will have even more options to choose from for their next game.

You can pre-order all of the new My Hero Academia CCG sets now, and you can find the official description for the 2-Player Rival Deck below.

"Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo face off in this explosive 104 card starter set for the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game!

Each deck is ready to play right out of the box, but can also be expanded with cards from My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game booster packs. These decks also include exclusive cards not found in the Series 1 booster packs.

This Rival Box contains two 51 card starter decks and two random Ultra Rares from the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game."


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