My Hero One's Justice Shows Off All Might's Power

Bandai Namco shared a new look at the upcoming My Hero One’s Justice fighting game that features [...]

Bandai Namco shared a new look at the upcoming My Hero One's Justice fighting game that features the legendary All Might himself.

All Might has been previewed in the past through screenshots and character cards shared by Bandai Namco, but this is the first look at All Might in action that's been revealed so far. The video that was shared in Bandai Namco's tweet shows All Might turning the power of justice up to 100 percent and laying into My Hero Academia antagonist Tomura Shigaraki.

In what looks like some live gameplay mixed with animations started by certain abilities, All Might unleashes a flurry of punches into his opponent before launching Tomura up into the sky. The clip ends with what looks to be All Might's fight-winning victory pose complete with his signature smile.

We don't get to see Tomura fight back much in this clip since it's all about All Might, which is actually kind of a shame as it would've been nice to see his moves as well, but we'll hopefully see more clips like this in the future. Bandai Namco has been sharing more and more character cards each day to highlight the most iconic characters from My Hero Academia, so this brief video will hopefully be the start of a similar trend of short clips.

While seeing the two fighters face off is all well and good, there's still one detail that's missing from the tweet: The release date. Still saying that the game will be coming sometime in 2018, Bandai Namco hasn't yet announced an official release date for My Hero One's Justice, though it has been confirmed that it'll be available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The name change also hasn't escaped the attention of My Hero Academia fans who have been following the game's announcements. When the fighting game was announced for a Western release, the title dropped the "Academia" and was shortened to just My Hero One's Justice. It's an interesting omission since "Academia" is the most recognizable part of the title, and some people seem to prefer the name with "Academia" included.

My Hero One's Justice is scheduled to release sometime in 2018 and is now available for preorder on all planned platforms except for the PC version.