My Hero One’s Justice 2 Gets a Release Date in Japan

Bandai Namco hasn’t officially announced the worldwide release dates for My Hero One’s Justice 2 yet, but we now know thanks to the latest issue of Weekly Jump when the game will be releasing in Japan. This latest edition of the weekly Japanese magazine included some new details about the game including a release date of March 12, 2020. With that date now know, it’s expected that the worldwide release will be somewhere around that day if not on the same date.

Gematsu and Ryokutya2089 reported on the new date for the game’s release in Japan and included screens from the Weekly Jump magazine that announced this date. You can find that screenshot below along with some other characters referenced in the pages of the magazine.

Weekly Jump also confirmed at least one more new character who will be in My Hero One’s Justice 2. Sir Nighteye will be a playable character to add to the game’s roster that’s already growing to include fighters from the first My Hero One’s Justice game as well as others who were introduced after the game’s release.

At this time, a release date for regions outside of Japan isn’t known. The game is still due to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms some time in 2020 as far as everyone else is concerned, though it’s likely that we’ll receive the definitive release date soon from Bandai Namco given that this information has now appeared in the magazine.

If you played the first My Hero One’s Justice, you’ll already have an idea of what’s awaiting you in this sequel. The arena fighter features characters like Deku, the newly confirmed Sir Nighteye, and many more who have been confirmed and likely still will be confirmed ahead of the game’s release. Players build a team of fighters across an array of heroes and villains and do battle through the story mode and online while unleashing the characters’ Quirks.


“The cast from My Hero One’s Justice are back and they’re now joined by newly added characters from the series,” Bandai Namco said about the game. “With 40 playable characters, build your dream team with your favorite hero or villain. Fight to build up your Plus Ultra meter and pull off quirks in special combos that goes beyond!”

Screenshots as well as the trailer at the top have been released previously to show off different parts of the game.