Updated Versions of All the Myst Games Coming Later This Year


Last week, we reported on developer Cyan teasing an announcement for the 25th anniversary of Myst. Today, that teased turned into a reveal.

If you were looking forward to a new Myst game, then I have some bad news: you aren't getting one, at least not anytime soon. Rather developer Cyan revealed that it will be releasing updated (for Windows 10) versions for every game in the series.

It is currently unclear what Cyan means by "updated," as well as to what extent the updates will actually update the games.

But the reveals didn't stop there. Cyan also announced that it will be releasing a physical collection "in a unique package with a cool artifact." Like the update to the all the games, further information on the nature of this collector's edition, beyond the fact that it will be sold in limited quality, has not been divulged.

The American developer notes that it has been working hard the last few years to procure the rights to make all the Myst games available (Myst III and Myst IV have been unavailable, legally, for years). However, given that Cyan is a small indie team, resources are limited for development, and acquiring rights wasn't easy. But after a series of talks and arrangement over years, it now can finally bring the entire collection together for a modern release. It's not as exciting as a new entry in the series, or even a remake of the first game, but it is nice to know a classic series will be updated with modern touches to allure old fans and newcomers alike.


Cyan also confirms this will be the only Myst-related announcement for 2018, however, it does teasingly say “there will probably be more adventures in the Myst universe” in the future. And just like that we are sitting here with the a glimmer of hope a new Myst game will release sometime in our lifetime.

For those that don't know: Myst was first released by Cyan all the way back in 1993, aka 25 years ago. According to Cyan, the game surpassed its wildest expectations becoming the best selling PC game of the 20th century, and a generally impactful release in the landscape of gaming history.