NBA 2K20 Now Has Ads That You Can't Skip

Like previous installments, NBA 2K20 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch has unskippable ads, which seem to have only recently been added into the game. As you may know, the series has been adding ads that you can't skip over the past few installments, but it was unclear if they would return in NBA 2K20 after considerable attention was brought to the practice in NBA 2K19. That said, perhaps unsurprisingly, Visual Concepts and 2K haven't made any changes to the controversial feature, other than perhaps holding them until after reviews are live.

Unskippable ads are commonplace in mobile games and even some free-to-play titles, but it's rare to see them in games that have a buy-in upfront, especially a premium $60 game. However, over the years these have been able to fly under the radar because they are buried underneath horrible monetization across the board.

I just got my first UNSKIPPABLE AD on NBA2K20 from r/NBA2k

As you would expect, fans are once again unhappy, but it seems the backlash is minor enough that 2K and co. will simple ride it out, just like it did last year.


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