One NBA Team Is Playing the Rest of Its Season in NBA 2K20

NBA teams and fans are feeling the pains of the league’s decision to suspend the rest of the [...]

NBA teams and fans are feeling the pains of the league's decision to suspend the rest of the season amid coronavirus concerns, but one team is determined to play out the rest of its season in a unique way. The Phoenix Suns announced this week that it'll be playing the rest of the team's season out, but it'll be doing it on NBA 2K20. The team's official Twitter account tweeted about its plans on Friday and said the next games which were scheduled for the Suns' season will be streamed on Twitch through NBA 2K20, though it wasn't specified which Twitch channel the games will be presented on.

The tweet about the continuation of the season via NBA 2K20 and Twitch came just days after the NBA announced its decision to suspend league activity. We already saw how Suns star Devin Booker found out about the NBA suspension while he was streaming on Twitch, but it appears that's not the end of the Twitch-related news from the team.

While it's unclear though which Twitch channel the games will be streamed, it's also unclear whether they'll actually be games played by two players controlling each team or if the games will be simulated instead. Simulated games seems to be the most likely outcome, however, especially as the rest of the Suns' "season" continues.

The NBA's decision to suspend the season echoed other company's explanations about why they were cancelling events by citing the concerns of its players, fans, and all others participating in the league as the top priority right now.

"The NBA has temporarily suspended the 2019-20 season in response to the coronavirus pandemic," the NBA's statement said. "That decision was made to safeguard the health and well-being of NBA fans, players, team and arena personnel, media members and the general public. The league intends to resume the season, pending further developments related to the pandemic."