Need for Speed Unbound Gets Big Discount Days After Launch

Need for Speed Unbound is apparently getting a pretty hefty discount just a little over a week after its release. The Need for Speed series is one of EA's longest-running franchises and its latest entry is being well-received by fans. The Need for Speed series has encountered a lot of ups and a lot of downs over the last decade, resulting in some concern over the future of the series. EA is pretty notorious for cutting down developers and franchises that are underperforming, so it's a bit surprising that it managed to keep going with minimal interruption over the last console generation. Of course, it may be generating just enough money to be worthwhile, despite some mediocre releases like Need for Speed Payback.

The latest entry, Need for Speed Unbound, was released last week and has garnered solid impressions from fans and critics. However, it sounds like it may not be a big mover sales-wise. According to a GameStop ad via Wario64, the gaming retailer will be selling the brand new game for $44.99 starting next week. It's unclear if this is a permanent price drop or just a temporary sale to boost holiday sales. Either way, given the game was released for $69.99, this is an incredibly steep discount. It's pretty rare and quite strange to see such a brand new game have such a significant decrease in price, so if you're interested in the game, this may be your best opportunity to snag it at a good price.

As of right now, it remains to be seen how well Need for Speed Unbound actually sold. It released at a very busy time with The Callisto Protocol and Marvel's Midnight Suns coming out the exact same day. Games like Call of Duty and God of War Ragnarok also released just weeks prior, meaning there's no shortage of things to play. Whether there's an appetite for an arcade racer like this is unknown, but the sales charts will tell us very soon.

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