Netflix Announces Kate Tie-In Game

Netflix announced a new game called Kate: Collateral Damage this week, a game which will serve as a tie-in to its Kate movie. The film stars Birds of Prey actor Mary Elizabeth Winstead who plays an assassin that's been poisoned and has 24 hours to complete her mission, and as such, the game will feature a similar storyline. It's scheduled to release on October 22 on the PC platform via Steam.

The trailer below shows what Kate: Collateral Damage looks like ahead of its October release. The tie-in game for the Netflix movie features Kate herself again on a mission to take revenge against the Yakuza boss who poisoned her.

From the looks of the game, it appears to be set up as a twin-stick-style shooter where players have to quickly adapt to different situations by arming themselves with whatever weapons they have at hand. Some details on the game provided through the Steam description said that guns and melee weapons could be picked up from enemies and within the environment, but they've got limited uses, so you won't be able to stick with the same weapon throughout your playthrough and will have to take what you can find. Enemies only take a shot or two to kill, but the creators cautioned that Kate is equally vulnerable against attacks and can't take much more punishment than the enemies can.

The game will naturally have to incorporate the movie's sense of time constraints and pressure resulting from the poison affecting Kate. In doing so, players will see themselves racing against a time bar shown on-screen that counts down the moments until failure. To elongate the time a player has within the game, you can find special syringes, but the most effective way to ensure you stay alive is to keep taking enemies out.

"A time bar at the top of the screen constantly marches towards your inevitable death at the hands of the deadly radioactive poison, Polonium 204," reads a preview of the game. "Killing enemies slows the rate at which the time bar depletes, awarding your deadly precision. Stimulant syringes, earned and unlocked through gameplay, can restore the time bar fully upon use, extending your run. They can also passively save you from a killing blow. It's up to you how you consume these syringes to survive."


Kate is now available on Netflix, and Kate: Collateral Damage is scheduled to release on PC on October 22nd.