The Witcher Release Date Accidentally Leaked By Netflix

It appears the release date for Netflix’s The Witcher has leaked, according to seemingly [...]

It appears the release date for Netflix's The Witcher has leaked, according to seemingly official posts on social media which have now been deleted. In a post Netflix is said to have shared on Facebook, a countdown for different shows indicates how long it'll be until different shows and movies are released. The post has since been deleted, but if the information it contained is indeed true, The Witcher will be out on December 17th.

As reported by Redanian Intelligence, a site dedicated to reporting news on Netflix's The Witcher, a post was shared on the Netflix Netherlands' Twitter and Facebook accounts. Netflix properties like the new Breaking Bad movie and The Crown were listed there alongside The Witcher which apparently has 67 nights until it releases. That would indeed put it at December 17th, assuming the information is accurate.

The image referenced above can be found below along with all the other countdowns for different shows.

Netflix The Witcher Release Date
(Photo: Redanian Intelligence)

Since there's now way to see the posts now that they've been deleted, there's no way to verify this until the information has officially been announced by Netflix. The tweet link above does lead to a tweet that's been deleted by the Netflix Netherlands account though, and there's at least some replies on Twitter from people who responded to a now deleted Netflix tweet that certainly had something do to with The Witcher. All that's known currently about The Witcher is that it's supposed to be out some time this year, so December 17th would fall within that timeframe even if it is a bit later than Witcher fans would hope.

We've seen several looks at The Witcher ahead of its upcoming release on Netflix through reveals such as the first images released from the show. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia is the star of the show has already won many skeptics over from what we've seen of his character so far. The best look yet was shared earlier in the year when the first full-length trailer for The Witcher was revealed, the same one seen above. We've also learned much more about Netflix's The Witcher from showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich who's answered questions on topics like the character castings and how fans' influence may be felt when creating the show.

Netflix's The Witcher will supposedly release on December 17th, but look for an official confirmation from Netflix soon enough now that the rumors are out there.