Rumor: Netflix 'The Witcher' Auditioning White Actresses for "Young Ciri" Role

On the heels of a recent leak regarding the casting preferences for Netflix's The Witcher series and their Ciri as a woman of colour, a new report has emerged claiming the exact opposite.

According to a recent Reddit post corroborated by several different mods under one source, casting is currently ongoing for characters like Ciri and they are specifically looking for actors of Polish descent. According to their anonymous source, they are looking for a "Caucasian/White Polish" to play the role of a younger Ciri.

"After careful examination, as well as verifying the sources, I believe it to be legitimate," added the original poster. "I have shared the information and discussed it over with the rest of the moderators, and we all unanimously find it credible."

The mod team also added, "The individual who gave us this info has agreed to have it shared on the subreddit, so that our community is aware of this and can freely discuss it in this thread. Some information we've used to verify these claims has been withheld, to protect identities.

We know this is something users are interested in, and we've used our position as mods to verify the info for you, so we felt it should be stickied."

The initial report came from a leaked National Youth Theatre ad listing and stated:

"CIRI can often be found rough-housing with the Palace hands instead of sitting in finery at the knee of the QUEEN CALANTHE, her grandmother. That is, until Cintra is massacred by the Nilfgaardians and CIRI is orphaned, left to traverse THE CONTINENT, alone. She doesn't know it yet, but she's a direct descendent of LARA DORREN, an Elven Mage – which is why everyone in our series is after her. We follow CIRI as she evades her captors, and in the meantime, discovers her magical talents, her dark side, and the role she is to play in the coming apocalypse. We are looking for an extraordinary young talent to lead this series. She should be brave hearted and MUST have something truly special about her."


Still, the casting news for Ciri has not been confirmed and leaks aren't always the most reliable. At this point in time, the only confirmed casting we have is that of Man of Steel's Henry Cavill as the show's protagonist: Geralt of Rivia.

As with all leaks, rumors and reports - take it with a grain of salt until we have actual news from the showrunners. To catch up on all of the latest developments regarding the series, feel free to check out our Community Hub right here for the highly anticipated television show.