New Blazblue Cross Tag Battle RWBY Trailer Debuts

(Photo: Arc System Works)

A new trailer for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle has debuted, and its packed with action from two RWBY heroines. Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee, the primary rivals from Rooster Teeth's hit animated series, are joining a roster of characters from four different game franchises for a title that's an all-out fan-indulgent brawl. Check them out in action below:

The trailer kicks off with a match that pits Ruby Rose against Persona 4's Yu Narukami, before the characters tag out to their partners, Weiss and Yosuke Hanamura. A few combos and specials for each character highlight the trailer, which is good, since the RWBY duo hasn't been given much attention until now. Ruby and Weiss seem to share a special tag-team combo inspired by their signature attacks from the animated show. Their official move sets haven't been released yet, but this at least serves as an indicator on how they'll work both alone and as a tag team.

With characters from Blazblue, Persona 4, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY, the new fighting game features unimaginable team-ups and fan favorite moves from each franchise. It's possible that Ruby and Weiss may not be the only RWBY cast members to join the roster, as recent updates have added more characters from Blazblue, and there's plenty of potential room for more in future DLC updates. All four franchises have fighting game titles of their own, so there's plenty of room to grow in the future.

Most recently, four new characters from Blazblue were added to the game with the debut of a trailer showing off their moves: Es, Iron Tager, Makoto Nanaya and v-No. 13-. In total, the current Blazblue Cross Tag Battle roster boasts about 20 playable characters, a good portion of them from the Blazblue franchise.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is set for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch some time in 2018.