First Look At Over 230 New Apple Emojis Coming Later This Year

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 5.02.01 PM
(Photo: Emojipedia)

Good news -- the final emoji list for 2019 has been approved by the one and only Unicode Consortium. So, how many emjois are coming your way this year? Well, probably too many for you to use.

More specifically, according to Emojipedia, 230 new emojis will be hitting major platforms this year. Of this new batch of 239 new emojis, there are 59 distinct additions, with 75 gender variations taken into account.

Some of the highlights this year include the previously drafted candidates like Flamingo, Hindu Temple, and Sloth, and basically a huge swath of emojis most will probably never use or even know exist.

Here's every single emoji being added:

(Photo: Emojipedia)

"In the sixth major emoji update since 2014, much of the low hanging fruit has been addressed prior to this release," writes Emojipedia in a new blogpost. "Skin tone support was added to the Unicode Standard in 2015, increased representation of women in 2016, gender inclusive people in 2017and hair color additions in 2018."

"2019 expands the scope of people that can be represented, including people with various disabilities (proposed by Apple last year), a gender inclusive couple, as well emojis which permit a mix of skin tones for people holding hands."

The slab of new emojis also notably includes the new drop of blood emoji, which is designed to normalize menstruation. As you may know, a campaign by Plan International encouraged Apple to include an emoji to represent menstruation awhile back. Originally it was proposed a blood stained underwear emoji be made, but after this was shot down by Apple, a drop of blood emoji emerged.


"Not only would a blood drop emoji be relevant for hundreds of millions of women and people who menstruate all around the world, it would also show that periods aren't taboo and they are something we should be able to talk about openly and honestly," said Plan International in its proposal of the emoji.

Anyway, new emojis are here. And as you can see, while there's some great additions in 2019, it's also obvious the emoji idea well is starting to run dry. But I bet this won't stop us from getting even more next year!