New Fallout and BioShock Statues Coming Soon Are Amazing!

For fans of both Bioshock and Fallout, these new collectible statues are a must have! Whether you're adept to traveling the Wasteland, or prepared for adventures with Big Daddy; these two new statues coming are absolutely stunning with their detail!

The Big Daddy statue stands at approximately 12.5 inches tall with 35 points of articulation, which means how movable a particular collectible piece is. This is awesome as a collector to see such a detailed piece have that much dynamicism, allowing the free positioning of both Big Daddy and the Little Sister in whatever way suits the collector's fancy. The drill is also completely removable, as well as swappable LED lighting.


The Power Armor statue stands at about 9 inches tall, weighing just over 1.3 lbs. The T-60 Power Armor is a solid PVC structure that used 3D models from the game to retain its authenticity.


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The Big Daddy interchangeable statue, because of the materials used, will retail for $280. For those that order directly from the ThreeZero site, a free t-shirt will be thrown in as a bonus. The Fallout piece is much more affordable with its $40 pricetag and can be purchased through ThinkGeek.

For more images on all of different positions the BioShock statue can be manuevered into, you can check out the full gallery here directly from the ThreeZero website. For more on the Fallout collectible piece, including a full photo gallery, more information is available here courtesy of Bethesda.



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