New Gundam Breaker Confirmed For The U.S., Will Be PlayStation 4 Exclusive

We’ve got a whole bunch of good news for Gundam fans today. Along with the confirmation of a new [...]

We've got a whole bunch of good news for Gundam fans today. Along with the confirmation of a new Nintendo Switch game, Bandai Namco has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be getting yet another game in the series, hot on the heels of its release of Gundam Versus.

The publisher noted that New Gundam Breaker will be making its way to the console this year, and will serve as a console exclusive. A specific release window wasn't given, but the game is expected to arrive sometime in either the summer or fall.

New Gundam Breaker has more of a strategic approach than its predecessors, as it actually requires players to build their own mobile suits, using new parts that are attained by taking on other Gundams in battle. But not to worry – it'll still have plenty of action to go around, something that fans of the series have gotten used to.

Gundam Breaker games have released in Japan in the West, but the series hasn't gotten much love here. Apparently, Bandai Namco changed its tone following the success of Gundam Versus here in the States, and appears to be giving more games in the series a try. (That said, we're still waiting on a U.S. confirmation for Gundam G Generation over here, though anything is possible with 2018 still going strong.)

New Gundam Breaker will also make its way out in Japan, and fans should be thrilled by its visual upgrades, powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology.

You can check out the teaser trailer for the game above, and while it only gives you a small glimpse of what the game will be about, you can see its customization elements come into play throughout, as you build your dream (or nightmare?) Gundam. Here's hoping we see a gameplay trailer surface over the next few months, so we can see what kind of robotic action is in store.

We'll keep you informed as to when Bandai Namco announces a release date for the game, but the fact we're getting it at all is good news – and could lead to bigger things down the road for the Gundam series. How about a Versus sequel?