New Monster Hunter Jackets Being Made by Columbia

This is far from Columbia's first nerdy collaboration; they've previously worked with other brands [...]

(Photo: Columbia Sportswear/Capcom)

Whether you're questing for new armor or taking down giant monsters, there's no reason to sacrifice style for substance, or vice-versa -- at least, that's what the designers at outdoor clothing company Columbia think. The company has officially teamed up with Capcom to create a small line of jackets inspired by the Monster Hunter franchise, celebrating the recent release of Monster Hunter World. If you don't want to build real-life replicas of the armor that most characters use to protect themselves, this might just be a decent, stylish alternative.

The line contains two jackets in gold and silver, each with a special dragon design on the back that combines traditional Japanese watercolor paintings with the stylings of Monster Hunter. The jackets are on sale now, though it looks like anyone outside of Japan will need to come up with some slightly more fancy solutions for ordering the jackets, as they don't seem to ship outside of the country.

(Photo: Capcom/Columbia)

This is far from Columbia's first nerdy collaboration; they've previously worked with other brands in Japan, as well as the teams at Lucasfilm for a Rogue One-inspired line of outerwear. The brand is known for practical, long-lasting attire made for the rough-and-tumble types, so if you're looking for something that's going to stay nice for a while (your own habits may vary that length of time), these might be worth going the extra mile for.

Monster Hunter World has seen plenty of love since its initial release, drawing in celebrity players and spawning plenty of adorable cat videos. The game smashed Capcom sales records not once, but twice, and it's been topping charts on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since its late January worldwide release. The PC version of Monster Hunter World is expected to release in Fall, and as far as sales projections go for PC gaming faithful, things are looking bright for all Hunters who prefer keyboards to controllers.

The jackets start at 32,000 yen, which is about $294 in U.S. dollars, and they're available for purchase now.

Monster Hunter World is available to play now on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Nintendo Soup