New 'Overwatch' Short Story Confirms Major Character Is Gay

One cool thing about Blizzard's Overwatch universe is that you think you know a character so well, but then something emerges from their past that makes them even more awesome than you might realize. And that's what a few fans learned about Soldier: 76 today when the publisher debuted a new short story for his character.


Titled Bastet, the short story can be read here, but here's a quick sum-up. It features Soldier: 76 and Ana reuniting somewhere in Cairo after having barely escaped a battle with Reaper. The events that follow have him attempting to bring her into the Overwatch fold, though she has business to attend to within the country first.

But over the course of the story, we learn a little bit about Soldier's past relationship with a man named Vincent. And it turns out that the two may have been in love (although he's since married someone else), indicating that he is in fact gay- the latest character in the series to be revealed as such, following the likes of Tracer (who was "outed" two years ago in a holiday photo with her girlfriend) and Zarya (bisexual).

The story concludes with the two taking on an evil warlord named Hakim and his army before moving forward with their Overwatch initiative.

Along with revealing more of Soldier: 76's back story, it also indicates that a new skin is in the works for Ana, in the form of Bastet. It would have a new mask and colors for her outfit, as suggested in the trailer that Blizzard revealed below.

It's fantastic to learn something like this about Soldier, as it tells you more about a character than you might expect. And a lot of fans had fun with the reveal as well.

As for when the new skin for Ana will be released, Blizzard hasn't provided a specific date. But we should see it sometime over the next few weeks.


Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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