New Pokemon Snap: How to Find Mew

Mew does in fact appear in New Pokemon Snap, although you'll have to act fast in order to lure out this Mythical Pokemon. Mew makes a return appearance in New Pokemon Snap, following up from his appearance as the end Pokemon from the original Pokemon Snap games. However, while Mew had its own stage in Pokemon Snap, this Mythical Pokemon appears in one of the game's normal stages in New Pokemon Snap. Mew can be lured out of hiding in the Founja Jungle (Night) stage. While Mew is relatively easy to lure out, players need to act fast when the stage begins in order to find it.

Once you've reached Research Level 2 in the Founja Jungle (Night) stage, you'll be able to draw Mew out of hiding. At the very beginning of the course, turn around to see two Morelull standing behind you. If you play a Melody at the two Morelull, a purple sphere will immediately float out from behind them and start bouncing around the NEO-ONE. Once the orb appears, you'll need to throw a Fluffruit at it to draw Mew out of its protective sphere. Mew will keep re-appearing throughout the stage provided that you hit it with a Fluffruit and take a photo of it before it disappears every time.

When players reach the ruins at the tree, players can play a Melody once again to lure Mew out one final time. This time Mew will appear close to the NEO-ONE, allowing them to capture one final 4-Star shot of the Mythical Pokemon.

Once players reach the Max Research Level for the Founja Jungle (Night) course, Mew will also appear in the Founja Jungle during the day, allowing for even more interactions and great photo opportunities.


Although Mew isn't the "final boss" of New Pokemon Snap, it's nice to see that developers included the Mythical Pokemon in the game and even included an extra step that hearkens back to its appearance in the first Pokemon Snap game. After all, no other Mythical Pokemon has a protective force field in New Pokemon Snap, so Mew's extra precautions is definitely a nod to its appearance in the Rainbow Cloud stage.

New Pokemon Snap is available on the Nintendo Switch now.