New Pokemon Snap Overview Trailer Released

New Pokemon Snap is coming to Nintendo Switch at the end of the month, and Nintendo has released an all-new overview trailer to give fans a better idea what to expect from the game. As far as trailers go, this one is on the meatier side, lasting more than six minutes in length. The trailer features a deeper dive into the Lental region, its various habitats, and the Pokemon that can be found. Players hoping to be surprised by the upcoming title might want to steer clear, but for everyone else, this should provide an exciting look! The trailer can be found at the top of this page.

For many viewers, the trailer's highlight will be the Pokemon on display. The video does not reveal any new creatures that we haven't already seen, but viewers can check out Pokemon like Lugia, Pidgeot, Sobble, and more. One of the biggest highlights in the original Pokemon Snap was getting the chance to see how Pokemon interact in an area without trainers, and that will be the case here, as well. A full list of all the Pokemon that have been revealed for the game thus far can be found right here.

In addition to the Pokemon and locations, the video provides a glimpse at how players will be able to alter and customize their photos in the game. Photography has drastically changed in the 22 years since the first game released, and that will be reflected in New Pokemon Snap. Players will be able to adjust things like brightness, blur, zoom, framing, and more. They can even add filters and stickers to create some interesting new designs. As a result, the game seems perfectly suited to the Instagram era!

Fans have been waiting a very long time for a Pokemon Snap follow-up, and it seems New Pokemon Snap just might prove to be a worthy successor to the N64 original. Thankfully, fans won't have much longer to wait to find out how the games stack up for themselves!


New Pokemon Snap will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on April 30th. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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