New Pokemon Snap Gets On Demand Printing in Japan

New Pokemon Snap players in Japan will be able to print off copies of their favorite photos at select Lawson stores. Earlier today, Nintendo announced that it was partnering with Lawson, a chain of Japanese convenience stores, to give New Pokemon Snap players the chance to print off their favorite photos. The process is a bit convoluted - players need to transfer their New Pokemon Snap game data to a smart device or PC and then access a special New Pokemon Snap page on Lawson's website. Once they've picked out their photos, the website gives players a number that they can take to a physical Lawson location and use to print the photos as either stickers or as a full-sized photo.

The on-demand printing option seems to be the modern equivalent to the Pokemon Snap Station, a special kiosk found at Blockbuster Video Stores and other locations that allowed Pokemon Snap players to convert their in-game photos into stickers. Notably, Nintendo partnered with Lawson to put the Pokemon Snap Stations in stores when the original Pokemon Snap was released. Currently, no similar plans are in place for on-demand print services in the United States, but this week's announcement certainly provides some hope to New Pokemon Snap players looking to cover their laptops or notebooks with stickers featuring their favorite Pokemon.

New Pokemon Snap follows in the path paved by its predecessor nearly 20 years ago, with players exploring the Lental region and taking photos of Pokemon in their natural environment. The core gameplay of following set paths and manipulating Pokemon into performing different actions remains the same as Pokemon Snap, but New Pokemon Snap comes with several new features. In addition to photo-editing capabilities and an overhauled photo scoring system, the game will also feature branching pathways and a new level system that causes different Pokemon to appear as players score better photos in various areas.

New Pokemon Snap will be released on April 30th.