New Pokemon Snap: How to Unlock the Secret Jungle Route at Night

New Pokemon Snap has a "secret" path in its nighttime Jungle route that can only be unlocked by hitting two specific Liepard with Illumina Orbs. The Founja Jungle route has become one of the more frustrating routes in New Pokemon Snap, between its hard to find Mythical Pokemon and a Waterfall route that can prove frustrating to unlock. In addition to the aforementioned Waterfall route and the much easier to find path through the swamp, there's a third alternate path in Founja Jungle that can only be found at night. The pathway will give players a ground-level view of the ancient ruins and the Crystabloom flower on the ground, but it's a pathway that has to be "unlocked" every time they go through the jungle.

The Ancient Ruins path requires two steps to unlock. Players will need to take the main route in the Jungle, skipping past the Swamp. Right after players reach the fork that leads to the swamp, players will see a group of Liepard resting in a grassy area. To unlock the Jungle route, players will need to first hit the Liepard resting up on some rocks (above where the Venusaur is resting during the daytime) with an Illumina Orb. This Liepard will stay lit when hit with an Illumina Orb, which is how you know that you've gotten the right one. Once you've hit the first Liepard, you'll proceed to the large tree/ruins area. There is another Liepard climbing on top of one of the tree's tallest branches. If you hit that Liepard with an Illumina Orb, it will jump down on the NEO-ONE and knock it into the river.

One of the main reasons to take the Ruins path is that it provides players with a great angle of the "An Unusual Spot" request that provides players with a 4-Star photo opportunity of Ledian. If players hit the Crystabloom flower with an Illumina Orb, they'll cause several Ledian to fly in the clearing surrounding the flower. One of these Ledian stands on the ground near the river and will eat a Fluffruit if the player tosses one near by. This is a good way to get a high-scoring 4-Star photo of Ledian, which is otherwise hard to come by.

New Pokemon Snap is available on the Nintendo Switch now.