New Pokemon Snap: How to Get Behind the Waterfall in Founja Jungle

One of New Pokemon Snap's earlier branching routes involves a large waterfall at the end of Founja Jungle. One of the core gameplay elements of New Pokemon Snap is figuring out various environmental puzzles to unlock various branching routes in the courses. Almost every course has at least one branching pathway, with some being a lot more obvious than others. Even when you know a branching pathway exists, you'll still have to figure out how to access it, with some pathways being a bit trickier to figure out than others.

For example, Founja Jungle has multiple branching pathways, including a route that takes players behind a large waterfall near the end of the course. The waterfall presents an opportunity to get great candid shots of several Pokemon, but players will first need to figure out a way around the snoozing Liepard that's blocking the path.

Getting the Liepard to move requires different actions depending on whether you're traveling through the jungle during the day or at night. If you pick the day course, you'll need to hit Liepard with a Illumina Orb. Liepard will stretch and eventually jump out of the way, allowing you to run a scan and pick the route behind the waterfall.

If you choose the night route, you'll need to use your melody function on your camera. The tune will cause the Pikipek sleeping next to Liepard to wake up and fly away, causing Liepard to also abandon his perch. Make sure that you have your camera facing Liepard when playing the melody, or the Pikipek won't wake up.


Opening up the waterfall route isn't the only secret route in the jungle. Players can also unlock a small detour into a small swamp, and also find an alternate route down the cliff that leads to the waterfall, at least at night. Along with the waterfall route, there are lots of different options for players to choose in this early course.

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