New PUBG Map to be Begin Testing Soon, 'Codename: Savage'

pubg map

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) for PC is about to start testing their new map which is currently being called Codename: Savage. We've had a previous look at the map before and the 4 km x 4 km, including a short clip from their GDC presentation, but now it looks like it's almost ready for players to enjoy first hand.

Here's what the team over at PUBG Corp had to say about the upcoming map, including when (and how) to sign up for testing it out yourself:

"If you’ve been keeping up with all things PUBG, you may have already seen some screenshots and even a short clip from our upcoming 4x4 map. We promised you that you would get a chance to try the new map very early on and we are delivering on that promise. We haven’t released content so early in its development since our alpha testing stage. We’re doing this because we want to start getting your feedback as soon as possible and drive the development in the right direction.

So, how is it going to work?

At first, we are going to do a more limited test for Codename: Savage to make sure that nothing is too broken. Again, it’s a super early build, we hope you understand. The next test will be bigger!

The first testing window will open from the 2nd of April, 7pm PDT until the 5th of April, 4am PDT."

As far as when to sign up, that goes live on Monday and we'll update you the moment it does! You can also keep an eye on the PUBG Twitter account on that day to ensure you get a key before the spots fill up.

In other PC PUBG news, the limited time only event involving flare guns is now live:

"Flare Gun is a special weapon that can be used to call in a care package to your location. Just aim it up, fire the flare and the airplane will drop a superior care package on that location. Only a limited number of Flare Guns will spawn in small single-story houses throughout the map (at this time only in Event Mode), but finding one is going to be worth your time!"

Event mode starts: Mar 29 7PM PDT / Mar 30 4AM CEST / Mar 30 11AM KST
Event mode ends: Apr 1 7PM PDT / Apr 2 4AM CEST / Apr 2 11AM KST


Main contents of the Event Mode this week

  1. TPP mode on Miramar
  2. Up to 4 players in a team
  3. Flare Gun

Notes on the Flare Gun

  • To use the Flare Gun, you must aim it vertically, towards the sky
  • The flare must reach an altitude of 200 meters to call the plane
  • The special care package called by the Flare Gun will contain:
    • Two care package weapons (100% chance)
    • Level 3 armor (100% chance)
    • Normal care package supplies