New Ready Player One TV Spot Reveals Link To A Secret Clip

A brand new TV Spot for Ready Player one delves deeper into the film's story, and includes a very [...]

A brand new TV Spot for Ready Player one delves deeper into the film's story, and includes a very surprising easter egg. Given the fact that the story's entire progression revolves around the concept of easter eggs, it looks like the campaign for this film is kicking into high gear and becoming that much more interactive. Check out the trailer below, and if you miss it, worry not: we'll recap the easter egg and how to find it after the jump.

The Easter egg appears as a QR code in the trailer, which links to a special 3-minute-long video narrated by both Steven Spielberg and Ready Player One author Ernest Cline. The video contains all-new footage from the film, along with some special behind-the-scenes notes from the guys in charge. The video is being billed as the film's first "official" full-length trailer, and beyond new footage of the film's racing scenes, it also looks back at every pop culture milestone that you'll likely see referenced in the film -- most of which are Spielberg's own creations.

Got a sharp enough eye? The QR code appears for a split second, but a few watch-throughs make it pretty easy to catch if you're looking at the right places. If you're looking for hints, here's one: long-time fans of the franchise will know exactly which shot they're looking for when searching for this code.

Ready Player One tells the story of Wade Watts, a boy from the year 2045 who finds himself wrapped up in a race to find an easter egg that will given its owner full control of OASIS. OASIS is a virtual world where video game avatars come to life, and anyone can be anything. In the face of the depressing future and personal life that Wade has to endure, its become one of his favorite places, and with powerful forces fighting for control, it will be up to Wade and his friends, including a girl he meets within OASIS, to save the day.

Ready Player One hits theaters on March 30th, 2018.