New Splatoon 2 Behind the Scenes Video Spotlights the Soundtrack

(Photo: Nintendo)

Splatoon 2 is known for its wicked-fast, colorful game play, the weird messages its users leave for each other, and a truly bop-filled soundtrack that has made its way into almost too many Twitch streams at this point. This week, Nintendo shared new behind the scenes footage of the musicians behind the original soundtrack, giving fans at how the tracks were recorded. Check it out and get the details below:

The video spotlights a total of six groups that created music for the soundtrack, with fan-favorite songs string together through medleys and fades. Every single and band seems to reference the game in some way, with titles like w-3's Deluge Dirge and Fishing Frenzy. Other artists include Off the Hook, Wet Floor, Ink Theory, and the Squid Sisters. Each group contributed a few different tracks to the full original soundtrack, so this is just a sampling of what fans can expect.

Splatoon 2 released as a follow-up to the original Splatoon in July of this past year, and has received a few interesting updates that have served to keep fans coming back for more. Following its release, it topped July sales charts, and has sold well over 3 million copies world wide since then. WWG's Top Squid, Managing Editor Matthew Hayes, called the game a "chromatic, multicolored masterpiece" with "one of the most competent single-player campaigns Nintendo has ever composed."

The game's official soundtrack, titled Splatune 2, released just last month via Amazon Japan. It's currently available for worldwide shipping at 3,456 yen, or roughly $31 USD, so if you have the time or know-how to navigate your way through the site, it's definitely worth picking up just for the slow of awesome jams.


Splatoon 2 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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